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and innovation through art

I believe that the path to a sustainable future begins with sustainable individuals, connected to the world around them and living in the present moment. People capable of questioning themselves and bringing about change.


Art has that power. It reactivates human qualities such as intuition and instinct, allowing for a better understanding of the complexity of our times. This is what will set people apart from machines.

Our art is the very root of innovation.


Maurizio Mancioli


What is

Art Thinking aims to develop people's artistic sensitivity and transfer that sensitivity both to the professional and personal spheres, reaching new levels of leadership, critical vision, intuition, and understanding of complexity.


Art Thinking is designed for non-artists from all fields.


From the very first day of the workshop, Art Thinking produces results as a brainstorming tool and for the development of company projects.


By delving deeper into Art Thinking, participants permanently acquire their artistic sensitivity and understanding of its applications.

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art thinking

Creating art is an inherent expression of being human, just like laughing or loving. It helps us give shape to our desires and concerns.


In a turbulent and draining world, art is the one thing that truly fulfills. Those who are in tune with their art have better self-awareness, are more whole, critical, and instinctive human beings. They are better equipped to question the world and envision paths to change it.


There is an emerging demand for new ways of living and consuming (think Airbnb or Uber). Only intuitive individuals can identify and capitalize on these trends, and for them, business opportunities are endless.


We believe that Art Thinking contributes to the development of a redefined, more conscious, and sustainable capitalism.

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... To compete with machines, we must go beyond knowledge-based education. We need to learn unique things like independent thinking, empathy, and art.

Jack Ma

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Art is a guarantee of sanity.


Louise Bourgeois

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Imagination is more important than knowledge.


albert einstein


art thinking

From lectures at large public events to corporate motivation, individual improvement, and planetary enhancement, these are some of the practical applications of Art Thinking:


Inspiring talks of 8 to 80 minutes with practical examples of the positive impact of Art on individuals and the world.

Hands-on workshops to experience the stimulating and expansive effects of art on your skin.


Individual sessions aimed to revive and enhance artistic thinking applied to all areas of life.

art coaching

Significant changes call for significant thinking. Artistic thinking is a great tool to break out of the box.

career transition

Implementing art permanently and transformationally into the corporate DNA.


Maurizio is an Italian-Swiss artist and entrepreneur based in São Paulo, Brazil. In 1994, he co-founded the first private international business School in Brazil, BSP-Business School São Paulo, which became one of the country's top business schools during his management.

While thriving in the business world, Maurizio kept his artistic passion alive. As a visual artist, he participated in exhibitions at various galleries and museums in Brazil and abroad.

Maurizio found that art helped him deal with the complexity of day-to-day business management, bringing new perspectives and lines of thought. The results of his research are exposed in his book "Executive and Artist" (Campus/Elsevier) and gave birth to Art Thinking.

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where to EXPERIENCE 
art thinking

The ideal setting for Art Thinking activities is off-site, in a tranquil and inspiring location where participants can disconnect from the routine of the corporate world.


In São Paulo, the recommended venue is our headquarters, Parahaus: a house-laboratory and art gallery with 15 years of experience in hosting creative workshops, providing participants with a true immersion in an environment exuding art and innovation.


Rua Caminha de Amorim, 532

Vila Madalena  |  São Paulo



Since 2007, the concept of Art Thinking has been brought to many companies and educational institutions.


Here are some of them:

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